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Today (17:36)  टाटानगर स्टेशन पर बिजली गुल होने से रेल यात्री परेशान (m.livehindustan.com)
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IR AffairsSER/South Eastern  -  

News Entry# 334950     
   Past Edits
Apr 23 2018 (17:36)
Station Tag: Tatanagar Junction/TATA added by Aaditya^~/1421836
Stations:  Tatanagar Junction/TATA  
टाटानगर स्टेशन की बिजली प्रतिदिन पांच से छह बार गुल हो रही है। जिस कारण टिकट केंद्र का लिंक, पूछताछ केंद्र और ट्रेन इंक्वायरी सिस्टम ठप हो जा रहे हैं। इससे यात्रियों को टिकट लेने व ट्रेनों के आवागमन की जानकारी लेने में दिक्कत हो रही है।
Today (17:35)  आदेश के बावजूद टाटानगर स्टेशन से छपरा एक्सप्रेस में नहीं लगा कोच (m.livehindustan.com)
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IR AffairsSER/South Eastern  -  

News Entry# 334949     
   Past Edits
Apr 23 2018 (17:35)
Station Tag: Tatanagar Junction/TATA added by Aaditya^~/1421836
Stations:  Tatanagar Junction/TATA  
दक्षिण-पूर्व जोन से आदेश जारी होन के बावजूद शनिवार-रविवार को टाटानगर स्टेशन से छपरा एक्सप्रेस में कोच नहीं लगे। इससे दर्जनों यात्रियों को सीटें नहीं मिलीं। रेलवे की घोषणा पर लोगों ने आरक्षण केंद्र से वेटिंग टिकट लिया था।
शादी-विवाह की भीड़ के कारण छह दिन अतिरिक्त कोच लगाने का आदेश जारी हुआ था। लेकिन, टाटानगर में कोच नहीं होने का हवाला देकर अधिकारियों ने सिर्फ एक दिन कोच लगाया। जबकि, खड़गपुर से भी टाटानगर में एक अतिरिक्त कोच आने की सूचना है। यशवंतपुर साप्ताहिक में कोच लगते हैं, लेकिन, जम्मूतवी, छपरा, जालियांवाला बाग के लिए कोच उपलब्ध नहीं होते हैं।
Today (15:45)  One dead after train arrives at wrong platform in UP's Harauni railway station; angry mob threatens to set track on fire (www.indiatvnews.com)
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Other NewsNR/Northern  -  

News Entry# 334948   Blog Entry# 3336730     
   Past Edits
Apr 23 2018 (15:45)
Station Tag: Harauni/HRN added by 16229🔹Mysuru↔️Varanasi Express🔹16230^~/36147
Stations:  Harauni/HRN  
A major ruckus broke out at the Uttar Pradesh's Harauni railway station near Unnao after a one person was killed and two others injured in a stampede on Monday morning.
According to initial information, the stampede was caused by misinformation about the arrival of 64206 Kanpur-Lucknow Memu passenger. The train arrived at platform number 4 while the passengers were waiting at platform number 3. As the train entered the wrong platform, the rush to catch the train caused a stampede, crushing one person two death.
The incident enraged the passengers who
ransacked the station and a train while threatening to set the tracks on fire. Hundreds of protesters blocked the rail traffic during rush hour, affecting traffic on the Kanpur-Lucknow rail division.
Several trains, including Tata Chhapra Express and Raebareli passenger, were waiting for the line to clear at different stations for over one hour.

Today (17:49)
Aarya❤Feel My Love❤DSP~   3350 blog posts   281 correct pred (53% accurate)
Re# 3336730-1            Tags   Past Edits
I can only say that reason was needed for death of that person so this stampede is the sole reason for that now which will be remembered from their family ppl.
Today (14:10)  South-Western Railway continues wildlife killings on Londa line (www.newindianexpress.com)
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Commentary/Human InterestSWR/South Western  -  

News Entry# 334947   Blog Entry# 3336050     
   Past Edits
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Posted by: karbang~  553 news posts
Two railway lines in Karnataka turn killers of wildlife even as the South-Western railways shut their eyes and ears, failing to take any mitigation measures. Three more gaurs succumb to speeding trains on Miraj-Londa rail line in the last few weeks.
Despite the state forest department's umpteen requests to the railway authorities to curb the speed of trains when passing through wildlife zones and take up mitigation measures as per Supreme Court orders, the south-western railways have remained silent.
In the last six years, 15 gaurs, two elephants, a sloth bear and many
other herbivores, reptiles including snakes and small mammals have been mowed down by speeding trains on these lines which connects Dharwar to Goa and Belgavi via Londa.
Recently, two gaurs were mowed down on the Miraj-Londa railway line at Haruri in Khanapur Range of Belagavi division, adding to the list of increasing number of wildlife deaths in the Range. In February, one more Gaur died in the same area. This rail link has become a 'death spot' for big herbivores like elephants and gaurs as well as small mammals and reptiles.
Despite the Miraj-Londa and Hospet-Tinnaighat passing through forest areas and elephant corridors with a lot of wildlife movement, the south-western railways till date have not initiated any mitigation measures. In fact, forest officials add that measures like reduction in speed of trains in forest areas, setting up ramps, barricades, hiring track watchers, sending information on movement of herds crossing tracks, etc are some measures that need to be implemented immediately. Four areas — Khanapur, Londa, Golihalli and Nagargali — witness maximum movement of elephant and gaur herds across the tracks and thus, need special measures to save them, they added.
Wildlife activist Giridhar Kulkarni stresses, "Unlike North-Eastern and Northern Railways, the South Western Railways has failed to take any mitigation measures on the two railway lines and instead sent proposal to double the Hospet-Tinnaighat line which has already seen the death of two elephants. The central government should not approve the doubling proposal as these lines pass through dense forests with rich wildlife. Imagine the plight of wildlife when Hubballi-Ankola railway line comes up. In fact, it will be the death knell for big carnivores, herbivores as well as reptiles and other species."
Meanwhile, railway sources in Hubballi said, "We have received a letter from PCCF's office in February this year where they have asked for construction of rail/road underpass and a railway barricade of two kilometres for elephants to pass in Londa section. We are yet to identify and forward this letter to the section dealing with such issues. However, funds are needed for such works which has to be sanctioned by the Railway Board."
On his part, PCCF and Head of Forest Force Punati Sridhar said, "It is a very serious matter as elephants and gaurs have died in the Londa section. If they do not respond to our communication, we will initiate a meeting between the two departments so that measures are implemented as soon as possible."

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Today (14:37)
12301HowrahRajdhaniTheGod~   2963 blog posts   1 correct pred (100% accurate)
Re# 3336050-2            Tags   Past Edits
in NFR, Elephants are still using rly tracks to cross, not using the newly made underpass meant only for elephant corridors. NFR has completed 5 such underpasses. But still elephants are crossing tracks

Today (16:41)
Aarya❤Feel My Love❤DSP~   3350 blog posts   281 correct pred (53% accurate)
Re# 3336050-3            Tags   Past Edits
They should Make barricades on both sides of tracks else no use of only making underpasses as elephants are animals so they dont know y underpasses provided so they follow their asusual practice what they saw/learnt from their begining elder animals.. :)

Today (16:46)
ahmadhackedd~   12 blog posts
Re# 3336050-4            Tags   Past Edits
Human being, a social animal have not completely learned to use ROB and RUB and they cross railway tracks even before approaching trains but still railway officials think of Elephants using of underpass to cross railway tracks _/\_

Today (16:48)
venki~   1361 blog posts
Re# 3336050-5            Tags   Past Edits
Lets not forget blamming railways will not solve purpose. Railways already running out of funds and in losses. What people expected them to do in these type of incidents? best they can do, May be they can close the line for operations

Today (16:50)
venki~   1361 blog posts
Re# 3336050-6            Tags   Past Edits
my friend do u know how much it costs railways to make that Barricades ? Is indian railways not in losses ? Also how railways can protect those barricades from theft ?

Today (16:56)
Aarya❤Feel My Love❤DSP~   3350 blog posts   281 correct pred (53% accurate)
Re# 3336050-7            Tags   Past Edits
Yes i agree but Life of animals is most important than cost i think and closing the railway line operations is not feasible one compared to investing on barricades cause some places where these are the only lines important to connect both the ends if you close line operations then transportations get difficult

Today (17:13)
venki~   1361 blog posts
Re# 3336050-8            Tags   Past Edits
but the level of losses railways making and money investing of important projects are huge. May be they can immediately shut down this line until barricades are built. I agree life of animal are most important than cost.

Today (17:19)
Aarya❤Feel My Love❤DSP~   3350 blog posts   281 correct pred (53% accurate)
Re# 3336050-9            Tags   Past Edits
May be or may not be it will be again finally depend on RB but i dont think they will close the operations instead they can go with some other measures like running with slow speeds in tht stretch with complete alert or they may put barricades too as railways not thinking any investment smaller now a days picking bigger projects like bullet trains & Central Govt investing crores together money on NICE or other corridors highways /Statues unnecessarily then putting barricades cant make them think costly it seems..

Today (17:37)
venki~   1361 blog posts
Re# 3336050-10            Tags   Past Edits
If they do it well and good. But i am not seeing such steps even at NFR for elephants. Instead better close operation if any feeling its worth. Even slow moving wont save.

Today (17:42)
Aarya❤Feel My Love❤DSP~   3350 blog posts   281 correct pred (53% accurate)
Re# 3336050-11            Tags   Past Edits
Recent Investments by railways in NFR u can guess from that does railways think about Losses not only about Railways now a days it is Mingled with finance ministry so where as Central govt ready to invest crores of money for statues in gujrat & maharashtra so putting barricades for keeping lines operation running and safe is not bad move i think if at all railways/Govt think about losses in such steps then first they have to stop bad and Non feasible Investments and utilise and upgrade the present infra upto the mark..
Today (13:47)  RPF to start its third National Canine Training Centre at Pune, after Delhi and Coimbatore (www.railnews.in)
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Other NewsCR/Central  -  

News Entry# 334946     
   Past Edits
Apr 23 2018 (13:47)
Station Tag: Pune Junction/PUNE added by 16229🔹Mysuru↔️Varanasi Express🔹16230^~/36147
Stations:  Pune Junction/PUNE  
The railway protection force (RPF) will soon have a bit more bite. Within a fortnight, the RPF will be starting RPF K9 School, Pune — its third national canine training centre after Delhi and Coimbatore.
The Pune facility is expected to start functioning from a temporary premises. “While the permanent centre will come up at Todiwala Road, we will start a temporary facility at Shivajinagar by next month. The RPF parade ground will be used. The first batch — comprising 14 dogs and 28 handlers — for the central railways will be arriving for training. The school will be called RPF K9 School, Pune, and the railway board has already permitted the same,” a senior official of the Pune division told.
fully functional, the centre will be able to hold and train two batches of 15 dogs each, along with their handlers. “Each dog requires two handlers and the training for the dogs start when they are still puppies. The 32-week training covers tracking and sniffing of objectionable objects, drugs, explosives etc.” the official said.
“The thrust is on strengthening the existing surveillance systems and adding more to the current infrastructure. With the third training centre starting in Pune, RPF security systems will become stronger. Canines from all rail divisions can be trained at this facility. Also, the facility can be used by other security agencies,” the official said.
He added while the dog squad of the Pune RPF was functioning well, a new entrant was expected shortly. “Right now, we have a total of seven dogs, which are trained in sniffing and tracking. Breeds include labrador and doberman. We have finalized the purchase of two Belgian Shephard puppies and they should be reaching us soon. They too will be trained at the same facility as trackers and sniffers. The cost of each dog can be between Rs 70,000 and Rs 80,000. The Belgian Shephard breed is very agile and is being used by other security agencies like the CRPF in the Naxalite-hit areas in different states,” the official said.
Last year, the Nagpur bench of the Bombay high court had taken a sou motu cognizance of reports of June 22, 2017, exposing the absence of measures for rehabilitation of canines serving in the bomb disposal and detection units. The newspaper highlighted plight of one such canine named ‘Reno’ and lack of rehabilitation plans or services rendered to such sniffer dogs serving in the Railway Protection Force.
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